Not only do we already have many exciting brands that we work with. We have an extensive list of manufacturing sites around the UK who we work with to ensure your Print and Packaging is produced to a high standard, within budget and on time.

When trying to choose the right packaging for your product this can sometimes be difficult to envisage; this is where we come in.

We have available an extensive list of different styles of cartons from your standard tuck end carton, envelope base and crash lock, to self locking lid + bases, four corner glued and 6 point glued box and lids.

For Corrugated products, this can be from your more noticeable 0201 packing cases to Pizza style boxes, Shoe box styles and mailing products.

Rigid products come in many forms similar to the Carton packaging, with a thicker more rigid and durable material from 800um to 3000um for Lift off lid + boxes, Hinged Box + Lids with shoulder and more luxurious bespoke for more expensive items.

All manufacturing sites we work with have been producing our work from day one, and we have dealt with for more than 10 years, so we know we can rely on them to provide the service everyone deserves. Not only this, we also ensure that manufacturer we work with is up to date with the following standards.

BRC Certificated     FSC      ISO9001      Soil Association