In 2021 Sourcology teamed up with Jodi Redhouse Photography to offer new and existing customers a product photography service. So not only can they get their packaging produced, artwork created, but also now photos done of products and packaging for website and social media usage.

This can be extremely handy if you need advertising done beforehand, where we can produce proof packs and get photographs done and over to you to start your advertising and marketing before your products have even been made, helping to secure pre-orders either in person or via internet sales.

Sourcology has all its own photography done by Jodi Redhouse and feel this is something we can offer out to customers to take advantage of to get everything done together with one point of contact. If you would like to add this to your enquiry please do let us know at the enquiry stage, as we would give you a price bracket that would include normal background pictures, to on location, set scenes and use of models with your product(s).

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