Sourcology and our factories offer stock holding facilities to our customers, not only to ensure they have stock sitting ready to be called off within 24-48hrs, but also to offer a cheaper price for ordering an increased quantity.

We work with customers who order anything from 100,000 units to 1m units over multiple SKU’s, to ensure they can achieve the best price without having to take all stock in at once. We also keep a stock list so we can see when you’re starting to run low, and also when talking with our factories, we can check on any increase on material or production lead-times so we can give you enough notice to replenish your stock so you never run low.

If you are just starting out and only looking at between 1,000 and 50,000 units, you can still take advantage of this stock holding facility if you don’t have room to take everything in but want to take advantage of a lower unit cost.